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​​​​​​​​The SLIP Geodetic Map displays geodetic survey marks along with imagery and the cadastre.  The Geodetic layer provides full information about geodetic survey marks via a popup and links to the Geodetic-On-Line-Access (GOLA) report and station access diagram. It also has a link to a web-form for users to provide status updates on geodetic marks – all status updates go into a monthly prize draw of a $100 voucher to major retailers.  Whilst there is a requirement for users to subscribe to this service, access is free of charge.​

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Note, the following services require 3rd party software that supports OGC Standards and Esri services.

Esri Map Service
(ArcGIS​ only) 
Copy and paste the URL below to an ArcGIS server connection.

​​WMS Service

Copy and paste the URL below to a WMS server connection.

​​For further information on how to connect to these maps please refer to the "How to" guides on the SLIP website h​​ere.

Please refer to this step by step 'how to guides' video below. ​

How can I use this map?

Zoom in until the scale bar reaches 2km and the geodetic survey marks will appear on the map. Click on a geodetic survey mark symbol and a popup with mark attributes including coordinates, heights, accuracy and status will appear. ​

Geodetic Map.png

The geodetic survey mark popup has a link to the full Geodetic-On-Line-Access (GOLA) report (detailing coordinates – geographic, grid and project grid if available, height, geoid value, accuracy, status, reference mark information, cadastral connection field books and special notes).  This GOLA report links to the station access diagram.  The geodetic mark popup has a link to a Geodetic Mark Status web-form where users can provide feedback on the status and condition of the selec​ted geodetic mark.  The form also allows for comments and file attachments.  All feedback forms go into a monthly prize draw of a $100 voucher to major retailers.

For further information refer to the 'How to' guid​e​ for SLIP Geodetic.​