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Local Government Authority (LGA)

The SLIP Local Government Authority (LGA) package delivers comprehensive information about planning, administration and other interests relevant to Local Government across Western Australia, including Regional Schemes and Structure Plans, heritage sites and environmental constraints to development.

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Note, the following services require 3rd party software that supports OGC Standards and Esri services.

Esri Map Service
(ArcGIS only) 
Copy and paste the URL below to an ArcGIS server connection.

WMS Service

Copy and paste the URL below to a WMS server connection.

WFS Service (QGIS)
Copy and paste the URL below to a WFS server connection (ArcMap desktop). Copy and paste the URL to Interoperability Connection.​​​


Test Connection to
Esri REST Service
Click the link to see the list of layers and test your connection to the ESRI Service Directory. Note you will be prompted for Authentication (Troubleshoot).

Test Connection to WFS Service
Test connection to WFS service. Click the link to test your connection to the WFS service. Note you will be prompted for Authentication (Troubleshoot).

For further information on how to connect to these maps please refer to the "How to" guides on the SLIP website here.

How can I use this map?

Instant access to this information, and updates as they change via SLIP, will make it easier for local governments to manage their services across WA by saving significant time in sourcing relevant information.


The SLIP Local Government Authority map is available via Web Maps and Apps and can be discovered on the SLIP website by searching "LGA".

For more information contact us here