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The SLIP Tenure map contains information about the ownership and vesting of freehold and Crown land in Western Australia. SLIP Tenure data is gathered from Transfer of Land documents registered as part of the document registration process.

Please note: For all legal and conveyancing purposes, please refer to t​he imaged original documents maintained at Landgate.

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Note, the following services require 3rd party software that supports OGC Standards and Esri services.

Esri Map Service
(ArcGIS​ only) 
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WMS Service

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Test Connection to
Esri REST Service

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Click the link to see the list of layers and test your connection to the ESRI Service Directory. Note you will be prompted for Authentication (Troubleshoot).

​​For further information on how to connect to these maps please refer to the "How to" guides on the SLIP website here.  

More information

Land Te​​n​​​ure Layer

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This information is obtained from the Land Title Register held at Landgate and contains information relating to land ownership, Certificate of Title (Register), registration documents and other information relating to land parcels.

​Please refer to the Land Tenure Data Dictionary here​ for more information on available attributes. 

For new SLIP attribute variations click here​.

Strata Tenu​re Layer 

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The SLIP Strata Tenure layer provides detailed information relating to building strata lots including addressing and strata lot entitlements.  

The SLIP Tenure map is available via Web Maps and Apps and can be discovered on the SLIP website by searching ​​“Tenure Subscription”.


Tenure data is available for all freehold and Crown land parcels within Western Australia.


Changes to SLIP Classic Services

In some cases, data attribute names have been changed. Click here​ to see the report for SLIP Tenure map.


Click here to find out more about the Landgate Tenure map.

For more information contact us here​. ​​