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​​​SLIPStream - the e-newsletter to keep you up-to-date with the progress of new SLIP developments.​​

Issue 49 March 201​7 - SLIP changes in 2017, SLIPStream upgrade, Map showcases in, SLIP data downloads and Basemap update.

Issue 48 February 201​7 - SLIP roadmap for 2017, SLIPStream reader survey, SLIP Future program and GDA2020 updates and SLIP FAQs.

Issue 47 January 201​7 - SLIP roadmap for 2017, SLIP Future program update and SLIP data custodian self-service and GDA2020 update.

Issue 46 December 201​6 - Season’s Greetings, Festive season opening hours and contact details, SLIP information sessions, and the usual SLIP updates.

Issue 45 November 201​6 - SLIP Future p​​​​rogram update: imagery, data downloads, LGA and Land Development Packages and SLIP public services, SLIP self-service and GDA2020 update and SLIP FAQs.​

Issue 44 October 2016 - ​SLIP Future program update, SLIP used to map Royalties for Regions investment, Improved address searches in SLIP and Locate​.

Issue 43 September 2016 - ​SLIP Future program update, SLIP data in action and SLIP information sessions.

Issue 42 August 2016 - Happy 9th Birthday SLIP!, SLIP Future program update, SLIP at GovHack 2016, SLIP at HackED 2016, and the usual SLIP updates.​

Issue 41 July 2016 - SLIP Future program update, GovHack WA, SLIP information sessions and SLIP technology update.​​

Issue 40 June 2016 - GovHack WA, SLIP Future Program update and all the usual helpful SLIP updates.

Issue 39 May 2016 - Annual WALIS Key Performance Indicators survey, the latest on the SLIP Future program, access to SLIP data and maps is now self-service, Locate version 2.0, SLIP information sessions and SLIP technology update.​​

Issue 38 April 2016 - More Open Data for WA via SLIP​, Locate version 2.0​ and a more helpful home for SLIP.

Issue 37 March 2016 - A more helpful home for SLIP, more open data for WA and change of SLIP Information Session date for April 2016.

Issue 36 February 2016 - Spend less time discovering more, updated SLIP services and how to use the services and SLIP technology update. 

Issue 35 January 2016 - Updated SLIP services, using the updated services and SLIP technology update.
A reminder to our customers that Google Maps Engine (GME) service links will not be available from 29 January 2016.  

Issue 34 December 2015 - Updated SLIP map services​, map of bush fire prone areas and SLIP Information Session dates for 2016. 

Issue 33 November 2015 - Updated SLIP map services, ​ArcGIS globe ​​​​​and all the usual helpful SLIP updates.

Issue 32 October 2015 - Locate's second birthday and release of Locate Beta, SLIP Information Session and update on the Open Data catalogue beta release and new licensing for SLIP Developers.​

Issue 31 September 2015 - National Success for WA at GovHack Red Carpet Awards and SLIP technology update.

Issue 30 August 2015 - SLIP GovHack Information Session, Inaugural HackED 2015 a huge success, SLIP terminology and change of default search option for SLIP search tool.​

Issue 29 July 2015 - SLIP technology update ​​​and arrangements to replace GME, launch of the WA Whole-of-Government Open Data Policy and GovHack Perth. 

Issue 28 June 2015 - State Government Open Data Policy​, SLIP daily updates and ​​11 June SLIP Information Session.

​​Issue 27 May 2015 - SLIP at the WA Careers Exp​o​, a new open data policy for Western Australia and Data Dictionaries: making it easier to work with data​.

Issue 26 April 2015 - SLIP environment service enhanced and SLIP at RIIT ​​Unearthed 2015​.

Issue 25 March 2015 - ​​SLIP imagery services update, SLIP technology update and Google Earth Engine timelapse​​.

Issue 24 February 2015 - The latest SLIP Information Session focused on alternatives to Google Maps Engine (GME) following the announcement by Google that GME will be decommissioned in 2016.​​

Issue 23 January 2015 - Technology directions for SLIP and 'Get the Bigger Picture'​.

Issue 22 December 2014 - Migration to new SLIP and new SLIP services.

Issue 21 November 2014​ - General overview of new SLIP and an update on the progress of the services being developed.

​​Issue 20 October 2014 - New SLIP services continue to grow and we say Happy Birthday to Locate.

​​​Issue 19 September 2014 - New SLIP has arrived with a new look website and new services.

Issue 18 August 2014 - Many of the remaining challenges have been solved and the roll out of new SLIP will be beginning soon.

Issue 17 July 2014 - The first production of services from the new SLIP, since Locate was launched last October, will be launched this upcoming spring.

Issue 16 June 2014 - The SLIP Future team has been working on the new SLIP online portal that includes new search functionality making it easier to discover and connect to data published through new SLIP.

Issue 15 May 2014 - The ​​​​SLIP future team continue working with customers in planning their migration to the new SLIP.

Issue 14 April 2014 - Since the last issue of SLIPstream the team has started working with customers in planning their migration to the new SLIP.

Issue 13 March 2014 - The SLIP Future team has been working on the plan to migrate customers to the new SLIP. The process will be completed in stages through the remainder of 2014 to ensure the changeover for customers is as easy as possible.

Issue 12 February 2014 - Over the Christmas holiday period, the SLIP Future team has been focussing on the back-end changes that will enable us to update new SLIP services more frequently and easily, and also provide replacement services for ​our existing customers.

Issue 11 December 2013 - As we approach the festive season, it is an ideal time to reflect on how far the project has progressed to-date.

Issue 10 November 2013 - It's been a busy couple of months for the SLIP project team with several significant milestones achieved.

Issue 9 September 2013 - The project team is currently hosting a series of new SLIP Information Sessions, the first of which was held on Thursday 22 August.

Issue 8 July 2013 - The project continues in the 'Exploration' phase with existing and new users to SLIP.

Issue 7 June 2013 - With the first version of new SLIP established, we are now moving into the 'Explore' phas​e of the project.

Issue 6 May 2013 - During April, the first build of new SLIP was handed over to Landgate by NGIS, and initial testing on key elements was completed.

Issue 5 March 2013 - Project 1 (build phase) is now entering its final phase with most of the data loaded and configured. The project team will start testing the new system this month to prepare the release of the new SLIP shortly thereafter.

Issue 4 January 2013 - The SLIP Future Project team is currently finalising information packages that will provide new and existing SLIP consumers with information on how to connect to new SLIP and what services it will deliver.

Issue 3 December 2012 - The project has almost completed the replication of data within the new system and is currently finalising the imagery load and styling some vector datasets.

Issue 2 November 2012 - Landgate has awarded NGIS Australia the contract to supply and customise the technology which will improve Western Australia's Shared Land Information Platform (SLIP).

Issue 1 October 2012 - SLIP Future is Western Australia's response to an increased need for better access to information assisting major policy, planning and decision making systems.​