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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Subscription maps​​​​​

For data made availabl​e for commercial purposes, SLIP Subscription maps have been developed for re-use in business applications. These data services include:​​

Subscription maps are available at a predetermined, upfront cost. The pricing structure provides cost certainty and allo​​ws businesses to accurately budget for their land information expenses on an annual basis.

Before you can access SLIP ​​Subscription maps, you will need to register as a SLIP user. There is no cost to register. Find out more about registering​. 

Solutions designed for industry

​​SLIP sources an​​​d delivers the best location information from across the public sector and beyond to create a common operating picture for your business, with specially developed services that offer industry real solutions. SLIP industry packages include:

For more info​​rmation contact us.