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Having problems and can't find your issue below? Report a bug​ with a SLIP Service or Map.

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Data WA​

New Image Cropped.png​10.10.16 

Problem: data download resources attached in

​Affects: data downloads.

Description: map package (.mpk) resource links are being attached automatically by the open data harvester, to layers in where downloads do not exist. Example:​.

​​Workaround: a change has been raised to modify the harvester script so it checks to see if a shape file exists. If a corresponding shape file does not exist then a map package resource should not be created. Available downloads can be checked here (SLIP login required). Report any suspected errors via the online form ​​Report a SLIP Service Bug.​​​​​

SLIP log on​

Problem: SLIP log on is not working and ​'Forgot password' link redirects to Google.

Affects: all users.

Description: SLIP log on is not working and ​'Forgot password' link redirects to Google, as it is likely that users' registered email address is associated with a Gmail account.

​​Workaround: if you are logging in with a registered or associated Google account please use the 'Sign In with Google' option and use your Google password. We do not recommend that users associate their business email with their personal Gmail account, as this can cause issues with logging onto SLIP. See 
http​s:// for instructions on how to un-associate email addresses.​​



New Image Cropped.png​10.10.16 

Problem: Open Attribute Table error: "(toFixed() digits argument must be between 0 and 20".

​Affects: SLIP maps.

Description: when these fields or possibly any others with number fields (double) that contain numbers with more than 20 decimal places then the AppWidget for Open Attribute Table does not parse these, resulting in the following error, "(toFixed() digits argument must be between 0 and 20":

Fixed digits argument.jpg

​​Workaround: Esri bug. Report any suspected "(toFixed() digits argument must be between 0 and 20" errors via the online form ​​Report a SLIP Service Bug.


New Image Cropped.png​10.10.16 

Problem: 'Locate Me' error.

​Affects: SLIP maps mobile device users.

Description: when using a web application on a mobile device the 'Locate Me' button will zoom the map extent from the default extent to the location of the device. However when the user zooms out an error appears and the default extent is used as the zoom. This is possibly related to the individual web browser being used (identified as an issue in IE and Safari).

​​Workaround: the root cause is currently unknown and requires further investigation.

Problem: map loads, however not all map layers are visible when using different browsers. Layers might be visible using one browser but not all, or only imagery layer is visible.

​Affects: all map users.

Description: SLIP maps are not loading in certain browsers, or only the WA Now mosaic map layer is visible. Firewall/ proxy is blocking

​​Workaround: from your browser settings menu, clear your browsing data cache including 'Cookies' and 'History' and then refresh the map. Open the URL in your browser. If you cannot access this URL contact your IT administrator and ask them to confirm that connection to '' is allowed.


​Problem: imperial vs metric scale bars.

​Affects: map users. Note that not all maps are impacted.

Description: maps in ArcGIS Portal are published with scale bar measurements in metric "km" however the published version of the maps shows imperial "mi/ ft". See​. 

​​Workaround: (updated 10.10.16) Esri bug raised. Maps with imperial scale bars will be manually corrected at next planned version release. 

Problem: date/ time field attributes are displayed incorrectly.

Affects: map users. Display of date/ time fields in map pop-ups.

Description: date/ time formats as stored by Landgate are not treated the same way by Esri. Raw data is correct however dates are displayed incorrectly in pop-ups and services. Date fields in tables are assumed to contain UTC date and time.

​​Workaround: (updated 10.10.16) Esri patch has been deployed. Report any suspected date/ time field errors via the online form Report a SLIP Service Bug​ and state PRB0013027.

​​​Unicode c​haracters

Problem: ​new SLIP service URL contains Unicode characters.

​Affects: all users who copy a URL from the SLIP webpage, or from a Word document and then paste the URL directly into their GIS application.

​​Workaround: copy the URL and paste into Notepad or your browser's URL bar. Then copy and paste it into the application.

Desktop GIS

ArcGIS | ​QGIS | QGIS​​ 2.6.0


Problem: when using subscription aerial imagery, although a full list of layers are displayed, only 'Landgate WA Locate mosaic' will load.

Affects: ​​subscription aerial imagery access.

Description: service is connected and full list of layers displays, however only 'Landgate WA Locate mosaic' will load, even with Username/ Password entered.

Workaround: ensure the service URL entered is​ and that the word 'secure' is included in the URL.


Problem: timeout issue.

Affects: WFS.

Description: features not displayed for some layers due to large number of features and timeout setting.

Workaround: under Settings/ Options/ Network, change the "Timeout for network requests (ms)" from 60,000 to 180,000. Add reference base layers (WMS/ WMTS) and zoom to area of interest then add WFS layers (make sure the "Cache Feature" is unticked).

​Problem: download of capabilities failed/ connection timed out and you have already increased the network timeout limit.

Affects: WFS/ WMS.

Description: if your organisation uses a proxy to connect to the internet you may need to enable "Use proxy for web access".

Workaround: check with your IT department for your organisation's proxy settings. Navigate to Settings/ Options/ Network and check the "Use proxy for web access" setting. Select 'HttpProxy' and enter your 'Host', 'Port' and 'User' details. Select OK.

QGIS Options_Network.jpg QGIS Proxy for Web Access.jpg

QGIS 2.6.0

Problem: WMS projection issue.

Affects: vector layers - WMS services.

Description: after connecting to the WMS map services, customers try to add the vector layers into the map and they get an error message, "Cannot calculate extent".


Highlight the vector layer​

QGIS WMS Projection Issue 1.jpg

Click on "Change"  in the Coordinate Reference System area​

QGIS WMS Projection Issue 2.jpg

Selec​​t WGS 84 / Pseudo Mercator

QGIS WMS Projection Issue 3.jpg

Cl​ick on “Ok”, and then click on “Add”

QGIS WMS Projection Issue 4.jpg

​​WFS and WMS

Problem: 'OID mapped column has null value' PRB0013004.

​Affects: WMS/ WFS services.

Description: certain layers are throwing an error, 'OID mapped column has null value' when a user attempts to load an affected layer within a service.

The user will be displayed the 'OID mapped column has null value' error message when the layer is trying to draw or when they attempt to view the attribute table.

It is unclear if the ArcGIS application is by default selecting all the attributes to be checked.

​​Workaround: identified impacted services have been republished. Report any suspected 'OID mapped column has null value' errors via the online form Report a SLIP Service Bug and quote PRB0013004.

Problem: ArcGIS does not detect negative vertical coordinates 'z' values PRB0013002.

Resolved: (updated 10.10.16) Esri patch received and implemented.​